Right Wing Radicalization On YouTube

By Leo Gura - August 2, 2021

A very good and important discussion of how YouTube algorithms feed into the poisoning of our collective sense-making ecosystem:

What is not well understood is the collective epistemic cost of creating content that ideologically polarizes and radicalizes the citizenry all in the name of success, clicks, and profits. This is a big part of how The Social Matrix works and keeps society from advancing to higher stages of cognitive, spiritual, and political development. Radicalizing people with ignorance and massive bias has become a huge business in our society, which is one of the biggest obstacles to our collective development. Not only is our education system profoundly inadequate, then once people get out of school their primary source of education about the world becomes some idiot like Tim Pool, who reinforces their per-existing biases, judgments, fears, and hatreds. And it’s all meant to appear as if one is getting well-informed and engaged. Half the population’s mind is simply being slow-poisoned over years of listening to guys like Tim Pool. Meanwhile, Tim Pool rakes in tens of millions in cash. And of course Tim Pool is not conscious enough to understand what he is doing and how much it is damaging society. This is what happens when you confuse success with truth.

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