Reverse-Engineering UFO Spacecraft

By Leo Gura - June 23, 2019

A damn fascinating interview by Joe Rogan:

Is it true?

I have no direct experience of UFOs, but Lazar’s story seems highly plausible. There are just too many eye-witness accounts of UFOs at this point to deny their underlying reality. The skeptical position is more deluded than the thousands of eye-witness accounts.

Of course in the end, all aliens are just part of Infinite Consciousness. So it’s really not a big deal. Realizing Infinite Consciousness is way more radical than reverse-engineering UFO spacecraft. Discovering aliens is peanuts compared to what you will discover at the moment of awakening: it’s all imaginary! Dogs, cats, trees, people, aliens, Earth, history, science, the universe, birth, death, suffering, memories, your parents, etc. If you can experience it, you are imagining it.

The conspiracy is not that the government is hiding aliens from you. The real conspiracy is that you are imagining the government!

P.S. You should also distinguish UFOs from DMT entities. These are not the same thing. UFOs are within the human physical dimension. DMT entities are in another dimension entirely.

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