Register To Vote 2020

By Leo Gura - January 24, 2020

If you’re American, it’s important you vote in the upcoming Democrat primaries. It’s important not just for America’s sake but for the world.

It’s no longer good enough to only vote in the November General Election. You must get active in the primaries.

It’s not too late. Go register. Some states require that you register as a Democrat to participate in the primary. Do that if you must. I did. You can always unregister afterwards. Mark the date of the primary on your calendar. Many states have early voting, so mark that on your calendar. Voting is super easy in most places.

Now, the million dollar question: Who should you vote for?

Vote for the person who is most conscious, most loving, most Spirally developed, AND who has a reasonable chance of winning. Don’t throw your vote away on candidates polling at <5%.

Of course, in the end, you will only vote as high as your Spiral stage of development allows. If you are Blue-Orange, you will like Biden and Klobuchar. If you are solid Orange you will like Bloomberg and Buttigeg. If you are Orange-Green you will like Warren, Yang, Tulsi, Steyer. If you are solid Green and above you will like Bernie. If you are solid Orange or below you will likely hate Bernie.

Remember, your vote is 90%+ determined by your level of consciousness and nothing else. The rest is bullshit excuses your mind is making up to justify your position. All of your justifications are coming from your level of consciousness and nothing else. You can’t help reveal your true colors by who you vote for. There is nothing original about what your mind is doing.

Personally I endorsed Bernie Sanders 1 year ago and I’m sticking to it.

It is also helpful to donate money now if you can to the candidate of your choice. But don’t fool yourself: a donation is not a substitute for voting in the primary. Voting is crucial and if you really care about the development of mankind, it is your duty to vote for the most developed humans to run society.

Important issues are at stake:

  • The rise of nationalism & authoritarianism
  • The perpetuation of soulless, unchecked, unjust, and unsustainable capitalism
  • Environmental destruction that will affect mankind for a century to come
  • The perpetuation of a corrupt healthcare system that kills tens of thousands needlessly every year
  • War with Iran
  • The senseless drug war
  • And more!

The time for talking and squabbling is over. Now is time for action at the ballot box. Encourage your friends and family to do the same.

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