Q&A #001

By Leo Gura - October 7, 2022

Here’s a private question I answered from a fan on Instagram:

Q: “Talking about quantum physics, do you know by any chance if when we look at the atoms and molecules we can observe some distinction between the molecules inside our body from the molecules outside our bodies? My question is, is there some visible frontier, like a limit, in between the external and the internal worlds in quantum physics?”

A: “It’s more tricky than that. You are assuming that distinctions are an objective physical fact of the universe. That isn’t the case. Distinctions are created by your mind. If you want, you can create a distinction between inside vs outside your body. But the key is to be conscious that YOUR MIND is creating that distinction, and you could choose to un-create it. In other words: all distinctions are imaginary. This includes the distinction you’ve created between you and me If you imagine that you are not me, that will become true for you. That will become your reality/dream.”

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