Psilocybin & Personality Change

By Leo Gura - August 22, 2019

I found this video insightful. According to this research, psychedelics are one of the only and the most powerful tools for personality change.

Of course this is not limited to psilocybin. All psychedelics lead to personality change. Especially the most powerful ones like 5-MeO-DMT, DPT, and N,N-DMT.

If you want serious personality change what you need is to not just a psychedelic trip, but specifically you need a psychedelic breakthrough. A breakthrough is not an ordinary trip. A breakthrough means that life as you knew it is over. You have gone beyond human life, beyond physical reality, beyond science, beyond religion, beyond memory, beyond language, beyond all teachings, beyond your birth. You have entered the realm of the impossible & the insane. Your entire paradigm of reality has been shattered to the point where you cannot even remember what the old paradigm was. You have escaped the labyrinth of your own mind. You have broken reality. You have left The Matrix. It is the most significant event in your life.

Don’t worry, you’ll know it once you’re there.

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