Project 2025 Warning

By Leo Gura - June 30, 2024

If Trump wins the 2024 election he and his minions will for sure attempt to create an authoritarian Christian state using a Blitzkrieg strategy. This isn’t my speculation, they published a 900-page document which outlines their entire plan. It’s called Project 2025. Read it, if you dare.

This is Trump’s actual Christian Nationalist policy agenda for 2025. It’s absolutely batshit stuff. Just flagrant corruption, authoritarianism, corporate pillage, and minority rule:


Trump’s 2nd term will be uniquely worse than anything in his first term. All the restraints will be gone because the entire administration will be filled with degenerates, ideological Christian morons, and capitalist wolves. Americans have no idea how disastrous a 2nd Trump term would be. Nobody is seriously talking about this. This is a plan for pure corruption and devilry. People are still in denial about this. They think Trump will just do the same old stuff, an entertaining clown-show. No! This time will be totally different. He’s going hog-wild authoritarian. This will do decades of damage to the basic functions of American government. It is insane that anyone would vote for this. But most voters don’t even know what they’re voting for. They think they’re just voting for some pro-American business tycoon who has more energy than sleepy Biden. That is complete delusion.

MAGA has told you exactly what they plan to do: turn America into anti-democratic fundamentalist Christian authoritarian oligarchic hyper-capitalist machine.

This is not a joke. If Trump wins, expect corruption on a scale you’ve never seen, erosion of the entire government at all levels, chaos, and finally market collapse along the lines of 2008. Because whatever these MAGA people do, only one thing is guaranteed, that it will all eventually collapse because it is utterly out of touch with reality and human decency. These Christian conservatives themselves will live to regret the demon that their ignorance has unleashed upon America.

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