Political Asymmetry Proven In One Image

By Leo Gura - July 22, 2021

I have long claimed that the left and right wing are not equally conscious, truthful, loving, or developed. Many take offense to this claim, accusing me of bias. Well, here’s the proof in one image:


This chart shows the vaccination rate of every county in the US vs the percentage of them who voted right-wing (for Trump). Roughly speaking, the typical vaccination rate in right-wing counties is about 37% whereas the typical rate in left-wing counties is about 53%. The stronger a county voted for Trump, the less vaccinated it is. The other important fact you need to know is that 99% of people now hospitalized or dying from Covid-19 are unvaccinated.

So what this chart shows is the real-world consequences of an underdeveloped epistemic framework. You see, it turns out that one’s worldview, one’s beliefs, one’s paradigm has serious survival consequences. Those with bad epistemologies get weeded out by natural selection. I’m not saying this to gloat. This is tragic and embarrassing. But this is the consequence of the mind-cancer that has been promoted in right-wing circles and media over the last 4 years. The constant conspiracy theories, denial of basic and obvious science, grifting off culture war issues, “socialism” hysteria, and just overall reactionary attitudes against stage Green has led to what you see in the picture above. It’s in vogue these days to hate on mainstream media. But actually it is non-mainstream conspiratorial fringe media which is killing people through sheer stupidity. This is also clear evidence of the costs of abusing skepticism (false vs true skepticism). The human mind can easily be poisoned with false skepticism.

In the long run it matters how accurate and truthful your worldview is. You cannot just bullshit your way through life without paying some consequences. The more selfish you are, the less truthful your worldview will be, the more negative karma it will produce for you and your community. Which is why we at Actualized.org focus so much on epistemic issues and truth. This stuff is not “just philosophy”. Millions of lives are at stake. The economy is also at stake (in case you are so selfish as to only care about the young and healthy).

Sorry, but there is empirical proof that left-wingers have higher cognitive development than right-wingers. Which of course is not to say that left-wingers are immune to delusion and group-think — they are not. But on average, right wingers have less truthful, more selfish worldviews. Remember, selfishness = falsehood. Selflessness = truthfulness. Why must this be so? Because the finite self is an illusion. So anyone who clings to the finite self too much will pay a price.

This also shows the important connection between truth, consciousness, development, epistemology, and politics. Sometimes people criticize me of being too political. Why talk about politics at all? Because if we don’t work to bring truth, consciousness, psychological development, and epistemology into politics, our politics will remain a domain of darkness, corruption, and devilry. If you are sickened by the selfishness of politics you should be eager to light a candle within that place of darkness, otherwise who else will shine the light? And if you don’t like conscious people taking some time out of their work to light a candle, then what right do you have to complain about the sorry state of our political situation?

Stop complaining about the darkness, start lighting candles. A candle is something which helps people see reality more truthfully. The best thing you can do for the world is to become a candle. And the more light we can create the less devils will flourish in our midst, for devils can only thrive in the shadows.

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