Origins Of The Bible

By Leo Gura - October 4, 2022

I came across this great set of videos on the historical origins of the Bible. It’s really well presented and factual.

That’s an intro. For more of the series, check out the following:

And the channel features other great topics like:

This information is not necessary for spiritual practice or awakening. In fact it can be a distraction. But if you’re a history buff, this is for you.

Do I recommend that you invest your time reading the Bible or the Quran? No! Wake the fuck up and realize that you are God. God does not need to read holy books. This is all a distraction from awakening. Stop toying around with stories and realize that you are God. That is all. The amount of bullshit that humans spin around this subject is astounding. Anything to distract from awakening. The fetishization of spiritual texts is a silly human game. You can read the Bible a hundred times and you will still not be any closer to understanding God. If you found the original 2000 year old manuscript of the Bible in some dusty basement, the wisest thing you could do is throw it in the fire and get back to your awakening practices. Do not be fooled — no spiritual text, no spiritual story, is worth anything. It’s all human bullshit. Throw it away. Stop worshiping false idols. Humans get so attached to their holy books, it’s ridiculous. You don’t need to ready a holy book when you’re conscious of what God is. That’s like reading Playboy in the middle of having sex.

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