Orange Fraud

By Leo Gura - October 2, 2018

What many non-business people do not realize is just how much corruption, fraud, manipulation, and downright criminality is involved in forging success. Many successful Spiral Dynamics stage Orange people are really just fakes who strong-armed their way to the top through special privilege, backroom deals, and outright theft. Success is not an honest signal because it can be faked so easily. It’s much easier to fake being a rich person than to fake being a loving person.

As far as Trump’s fraud goes, this is still only the tip of the iceberg. It’s a lot worse than anyone’s yet disclosed. As predicted by Spiral Dynamics and ego dynamics.

Again, I’m not posting this as a political attack or some liberal talking point. I’m trying to unmask for you just how sneaky and fraudulent the ego is. Because a lot of naive people see a successful-looking ego and aren’t able to realize that the success is just a front. It’s not merely that Trump is fooling lots of people, first and foremost he is fooling himself. This is not a Trump issue, this is an ego issue. You can think of Trump as a zombified corpse possessed and reanimated by a spirit known as ego. This spirit dictates everything he does, making him very predictable.

It’s important to realize that success is mostly a facade. Most celebrities you admire are paper thin. They are not well-developed, conscious human beings. This includes popular self-help authors, business leaders, PUAs, YouTubers, TV pundits, public intellectuals, etc. Even if you manage to become successful, you will still be rotten to the core and hollow inside. Never, ever, mistake success for development, consciousness, or happiness.

In our stage Orange society it can be challenging for people to distinguish between success and development — because most people have done zero deliberate development work. Which is how we ended up with Trump. As you become more developed and conscious of how the ego works, all of this will become totally transparent to you.

The entire stage Orange system of business is built on mass-scale white-collar fraud, exploitation, and manipulation. It’s just carefully tucked behind a glamorous facade. This is not some kind of anomaly, this is business as usual. Totally normalized by stage Orange culture.

But you see, the problem with all the ego’s lies and deceptions is that the truth always wins out in the end, leading to a tragic comeuppance. This is karma at its finest. Karma will be knocking on Trump’s door for years to come.

So what’s the solution? Repent devil! Bite the bullet now and align yourself with truth.

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