Now THIS Is Survival!

By Leo Gura - June 6, 2021

If you want to understand survival and corruption, study the situation in Mexico:

This is how most human beings on the planet used to survive. Those of us who live in 1st world democracies simply have no clue what survival really means.

This is Spiral Dynamics stage Red.

BTW, the majority of countries around the world are corrupt in similar fashion as Mexico. Which shows you just how much Spiral development mankind as a whole has left to do. Most people, including I would say the guys behind Spiral Dynamics, overestimate how developed mankind is. We are less developed than we think. Mankind as a whole is nowhere near stage Green, let alone Tier 2. There will not be a Tier 2 to an significant degree in our lifetime. Most of mankind is struggling to reach Blue and Orange. Appreciate the scope of the problem.

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