Nothing I Say Can Be Trusted

By Leo Gura - August 14, 2017

I thought this was obvious, but I see some people aren’t getting it, so let’s make it explicit.

From your point of view, you have no idea whether anything I say is true. From your point of you view, I could be lying, deluded, have some kind of hidden agenda, factually wrong, or just eccentric.

Notice the key words there: “From your point of view”. And that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter whether I believe what I’m saying it true, or how eloquently I say it, or whether it actually is true.

This is proper epistemology 101. What’s true for me is not true for you. Everything I say — especially things like my personal mystical experiences — are MY truths. If you’re serious about learning and doing this work, you need to cross-reference all your sources, including me. Don’t be lazy. Don’t just assume, “Oh, Leo is probably right.” No! You cannot know that until you’ve directly experienced the things I speak about for yourself or at least corroborated what I say with a few other sources you respect.

And I’m not just talking about things I say about enlightenment. I’m talking everything I ever say. Even the very practical self-help stuff like how to run a business.

And this doesn’t just apply to my teachings, but EVERYTHING you ever learn from any human being. It doesn’t matter how well-respected or well-spoken the person is, or how genuine they appear. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Einstein, Gandhi, Jesus, the Buddha, Ekhart Tolle, a textbook, your doctor, your life coach, your professor, your Rabbi, your guru, your best friend, a DMT alien, or Zeus speaking down from the clouds. The whole point is that mere words coming out of a being’s mouth do not mean jack. You have to do the work of verifying whether those words actually correspond to reality FOR YOU.

If you don’t do this, I guarantee you will get things wrong. This is a non-negotiable principle of life.

When I speak of “Absolute Truth” people sometimes hear that and think, “Oh, that means he really believes it. How could he be so gullible?” It makes me sounds like a dogmatist taking a position. No. That’s only a surface resemblance. What people don’t understand is how much skepticism I go through behind the scenes. You just don’t see it. I’m more skeptical than the biggest skeptic you’ve ever seen. That’s precisely why I’m then able to say things like “Absolute Truth”. I do not say such things lightly. When I say something like that, I’ve cross-referenced it with dozens of diverse, high-quality sources. And you must do the same.

If you haven’t gone through at least a few years of your life plagued by crippling doubt, you’re not doing it right. Don’t even take for granted that your mother is your mother. Words are cheap.

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