New Logo

By Leo Gura - January 30, 2020

A new logo for has been in works for several years. It took a long time because I wanted to come up with something I’d be really happy with. Then, after much brainstorming and searching, finally in a trip it came to me.

So here it is:


It represents Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs, which was the originating idea behind the whole site, but now with the final step of transcendence.

It is an interesting story that when Maslow first created his pyramid of needs, the highest stage — the pinnacle — he called Self-Actualization. But then in the final years of his life he added one last stage, which he called Transcendence, which of course stands for enlightenment. That’s where your whole journey ends. Or should we say begins, as everything goes full-circle with Transcendence, where beginning and end merge into One.

In the end your journey will end exactly where it began, but everything will be different as God has been actualized.

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