Narcissistic Personality Disorder

By Leo Gura - April 20, 2018

What most citizenry doesn’t realize is that the world is run by people with narcissistic personality disorder. It’s really simple why the world is so crazy. The leaders of business, media, and government are often (not always) megalomaniacs. This can be hard to understand for people who are not megalomiacs, or who’ve have no direct experience with megalomaniacs. The assumption of “normal” people tends to be that “we are all basically the same”, but that is not the case. The psyche of a megalomaniac is not the same as that of a “normal” person. It can be quite unreal to experience megalomania up close. It’s an odd admixture of hunger for power, attention-whoring, deep insecurity, paranoia, self-delusional confidence, and lack of empathy. What makes this combination especially dangerous is the lack of empathy component.

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