More Serious Than You Ever Imagined

By Leo Gura - July 10, 2017

Here’s a very accurate description of real ego-death.

I love the look in his eyes as he recollects it. That’s exactly how I experienced it on 2C-B, but without the agony. It’s as serious as actual physical death. Make no mistakes about it. You will be gone, FOREVER! Complete enlightenment ain’t no joke. You will be dead inside. Only the husk of your body will remain.

That man you see there, is dead inside. You see his body sitting there talking, but he does not exist to himself. He died years ago.

That is the real deal. Once you break through that fear-of-death threshold completely, you will realize death is an illusion. And you will laugh. But until then, you will take death deadly serious. And all your emotions will reflect that. You cannot believe your way out of this fear. You must actually die to conquer it.

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