Modern Humans Are 350,000 Years Old!

By Leo Gura - January 31, 2018

A new fossil of an anatomically modern human has been discovered in Israel which significantly changes our understanding of homo sapiens.

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This is a really exciting development! Along with other recent archeological discoveries, the timeline of modern humans keeps getting pushed further and further back across all continents.

The stories we were told in history class are not correct. Ancient humans were much older and more advanced than our comfortable meta-narratives lead us to believe.

Speaking of comfortable meta-narratives, here’s a radical idea: what if the story you’ve been told about how technology is making humanity better and better, is bullshit?? What if that’s the reason you’re so unhappy, so frustrated, so out-of-tune with reality? Think about that next time you sit down at your computer screen, blindly punching keys for 8 hours while sipping your chilled Diet Coke like an ape.

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