Misunderstanding Love

By Leo Gura - December 2, 2019

This short clip epitomizes how Stage Blue misunderstands Stage Green:

I love this clip because it so clearly demonstrates how the ego-mind can literally see love and peace as “evil”. That’s the essence of devilry: to call love evil and truth falsehood. When a devil sees or hears love, he calls it evil. When a devil sees or hears truth, he calls it falsehood. He does all this unconsciously with an air of smug self-righteousness. And then he actively rallies those in his circle to his distorted perspective, as this allows the distortion to take on the appearance of truth. This is the universal mechanism of devilry. Learn it well because you will see this over and over again throughout your life.

Genuine morality is not a set of man-made rules to follow. Genuine morality is the recognition of Self-Love. It cannot be written down in a book or even taught. The trick with teaching Love is that although it sounds simple, childish, utopian, and airy-fairy, it’s actually the most advanced of teachings because it requires of the student a certain level of consciousness and being. To someone at a low level of consciousness, a teaching about Love will seem utopian, unscientific, immoral, and even evil. Which is why someone like Jesus, if he were alive today, would actually be demonized by the right-wing as a communist SJW.

Of course the Beatles did a lot of LSD, so they had direct mystical experiences of Love — which they then sang about. But none of this fits a right-wing rule-based view of morality. Which is of course why LSD and other psychedelics were quickly outlawed in a predominantly stage Blue society (1960s). Psychedelics are the single greatest threat to people like Ben Shapiro (Stage Blue) and what’s more, they don’t even know it. They just instinctively stay far away from it. See, the ego-mind is so good a self-deception that it can stay far away from things that threaten its worldview without the person even having to consciously understand why. The ego-mind will rationalize it in a way that only entrenches one deeper in one’s paradigm, making the self-deception indistinguishable from reality and almost inescapable.

How do you validate Spiral Dynamics? With examples like this. It’s remarkable how well Spiral Dynamics explains and predicts such examples. It’s like people operate on just a handful of scripts: Blue, Orange, Green << that explains 80% of current human behavior! Amazing, huh?

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