Microchip Vaccine Conspiracy Theory Origin

By Leo Gura - June 6, 2021

Read this crazy story of how the Covid vaccine microchip conspiracy theory was birthed:

Covid Vaccine Microchip Conspiracy Theory Explained

It is a strange paradox that as mankind evolves it also gets stupider. Some ideas are so stupid they actually become more believable because people figure: “Well… this would be so wrong if it wasn’t true, so it must be true because there’s no way I could be so stupid as to believe something so wrong.”

I will repeat the opening statement of my video on The Sneaky Psychology Behind Conspiracy Theories: “Conspiracy theories are a dumb person’s idea of intelligence.”

The funny thing about conspiracy theorists is that they think they are being freethinkers and nonconformists when in fact they are engaged in peak conformity and group-think. It’s the paradox of the nonconforming conformists. Self-deception 101.

None of this is to say that selfishness and devilry doesn’t run rampant in the world. It certainly does. Selfishness is the true conspiracy from which popular conspiracy theories are mere distractions and false flags. If you want to investigate a real conspiracy, look at how selfishly you, your friends, your family, and your colleagues behave while patting each other on the back and reassuring yourselves that you’re angels. Human society is a conspiracy of selfishness.

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