Merchants Of Doubt

By Leo Gura - July 27, 2018

Here’s an excellent documentary about how deception works; I recommend watching the full thing:

As you watch it, stay aware of following:

  1. Deception is not merely something some “bad” people are doing to you, but an inherent function of ego. Although it may not seem like it, this documentary is really about how YOU deceive yourself.
  2. Notice how individual ego and collective ego work hand-in-hand.
  3. Notice how science & ego work hand-in-hand. There is no such thing as science without ego.

Start to notice how individual ego, collective ego, rationality, science, politics, self-interest, and survival all work together — all working against truth. Because truth is dangerous to the entire enterprise of survival. Survival relies on deception, lying, illusion, and falsehood. This is NOT just something “evil” corporations do! This something YOU do! The very mechanisms that run these “evil” corporations are the very ones you must wrestle with inside yourself as you do self-actualization work. If you find self-actualization work difficult, now you know why these “evil” corporations run amok.

This is how the devil works. Through you.

And do not jump to the naive conclusion that “if only these oil companies weren’t corrupting the science, science would have the truth.” No! Self-deception is operating at every level of the mind. Even if the scientists are right in this case, they are still self-deceived just like the oil companies, just at higher levels. The deception is multi-dimensional. Escaping one deception does not mean you’ve escaped all levels of deception. For example, just because you’ve escaped the delusion of religious fundamentalism doesn’t mean you’ve escaped the delusion of rationalism and scientism.

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