Mainstream Conversations About God

By Leo Gura - November 28, 2017

Mainstream conversations about God are absurd.

Here’s a prime example. This guy wrote an entire book about God but has no idea what the word “God” points to. Yet he writes a book talking about how this concept of “God” evolved.

Well, sorry… but you can’t understand how the concept evolved unless you understand that God is not a concept! That’s like trying to explain the evolution of dinosaurs by studying the depictions of dinosaurs in Hollywood movies starting from the 1920’s.

God is Nothingness. The concept of God evolved because people are too closedminded and lazy to actually self-inquire and have a direct experience of what the word is pointing to. Because the actual thing is way too radical for people to swallow. So it needs to be dumbed-down to fit the de facto materialist paradigm of the culture. Even devoutly religious people are still totally locked into the materialist paradigm. Which is why God is depicted as a human avatar, why heaven is a physical Garden of Eden with white pearly gates, and why hell is a dark fiery cave full of demons with horns and pointy tails. Religion is just materialism on stilts. Because the human mind doesn’t know how to compute true immaterialism. Religion is an aping of the actual immaterialism which dawns at the highest levels of human consciousness.

This interview is like two children talking. The ignorance of it blows my mind. And this book will probably be read by 100,000 people, this interview watched by thousands of people.

And then we wonder why society is so confused, conflicted, and ideological.

This is not a conversation about God, this is a conversation about the delusions of the delusions of God. It’s like watching the 3 stooges. But the tragedy is that people don’t understand its a comedy. Even the two actors don’t understand it’s a comedy! Lol.

And hey, I’m generally a fan of TYT. They do a great job of calling out the corporate legalized bribery of the American political system.

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