Lula - Visionary Leadership

By Leo Gura - February 9, 2020

This is what visionary leadership sounds and looks like.

This is a speech by former Brazilian president Lula da Silva just before his unlawful imprisonment.

“There is no use in trying to stop my ideas.”

“They’re already in the air and you cannot imprison them.”

“There is no point in trying to stop my dreams. Because when I stop dreaming I’ll be dreaming through your minds and dreams.”

“There’s no point in thinking everything’s going to stop the day Lula has a heart attack.”

“That’s nonsense.”

“Because my heart will be beating through yours, and there are millions of hearts.”

“The powerful can kill one, two, or 100 roses, but they’ll never stop the arrival of spring.”

– – – – – – – –

That is the power of Selflessness. It is the ultimate power. The power of God.

It touches your soul because deep down you feel the highest Truth is Selfless. And you yearn to be guided towards Truth despite all your devilry.

Talk about a man who understands that reproduction is not limited to biology.

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