Looking Up Words In Wikipedia

By Leo Gura - November 6, 2017

As extra credit, if you’re applying the technique from this week’s video, I can’t recommend enough also looking up your words in Wikipedia. Dictionary look-ups are good, but Wikipedia look-ups are where you can really hit intellectual pay-dirt. You will learn so much more about a concept via Wikipedia.

Which is not to say that Wikipedia has all the answers, or that all the information there is factually correct, or that it’s unbiased, or that I’m telling you to believe Wikipedia’s answers in lieu of your own contemplations. Wikipedia does tend to have a rationalist, materialist bias, but as a rule-of-thumb, Wikipedia is a good general introduction to a concept. Don’t make it the end of your inquiry, but the beginning.

If you spend the next 10 years gradually looking up every existential concept you run across in Wikipedia and following all the links, your understanding of life will start to approach genius-level. So give it a shot. You never know what kind of interesting and invaluable concepts you’ll stumble upon.

Here are some examples of words you might want to look up in Wikipedia:

Be sure to follow all the branching links that pique your curiosity. That will geometrically multiply your gains.

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