Life Lessons From "Life Below Zero"

By Leo Gura - January 10, 2018

Bonus video:

The National Geographic reality TV show “Life Below Zero” has many life lessons for self-actualizers.

The problem is that modern humans have no idea what “survival” really means, because modern society has made survival so convenient and so transparent. This might seem like a great thing, except that is makes you fundamentally unconscious of the entire process of life. Because even though you might not hunt and skin your own meat, you are nevertheless completely wrapped up in the process of survival even if you live in NYC — you just don’t realize it.

The value of this show is that it helps to offset this ignorance.

I watched 4 seasons of the show and it gave me many profound insights about self-actualization. Here’s what you can learn from it:

You can find the show on Netflix.

Here’s a preview:

Careful not to binge watch it.

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