Liberia: Land Of True Freedom

By Leo Gura - August 20, 2019

A forum member (Ero) shared this video on our forum and I thought it was important share it with you all.

Most people today simply have no appreciation of what survival is like without a decent government. The following is what you get without government, courts, laws, police, regulations, infrastructure, roads, sewers, education, public health care, welfare, etc. This is the true “free market”. This is what real freedom looks like. But are you sure you want it?:

Only when you appreciate the above do you understand why government is so crucial. And you see why consciousness cannot be raised en mass without high quality government & infrastructure. This romantic idea that you can just go be a monk somewhere in a cave is a childish fantasy. Reality is far more complex than that. Living in caves doesn’t scale across thousands of people. If even only 1% of the population decided to live as monks in caves, there would be such a cave shortage that monks would be killing each other in the night to secure their caves such that the piles of corpses and garbage would rise so high as to block the sun.

The above is Spiral Dynamics stage Purple & Red at its unhealthiest.

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