Leo Does Political Philosophy With AI

By Leo Gura - March 31, 2024

I signed up to the most advanced version of the Claude 3 AI and we had an extensive conversation about political philosophy.

Claude 3 Opus is the most advanced AI available to the public at this time.

If you want your mind blown, read it.

The conversation is about 60 pages long.

Download Here

I have now incorporated AI into how I do philosophy. In fact, I don’t see how good philosophy could be done any other way. From now on all my work, all my videos, will be created in collaboration with AI in order to provide the most factual, nuanced, well-researched, and robust perspectives. I ask the AI to poke holes in my theories and supply me with examples and counter-examples.

In these 60 pages of conversation I did not find that Claude 3 Opus made a single mistake in logic or historical fact.

Claude 3 Opus is more intelligent than 99% of humans.

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