Konkokyo & Kami

By Leo Gura - July 29, 2021

There is Japanese sect of Shinto called Konkokyo. “Kami” is the Japanese word for God.

You can read about the Konkokyo’s metaphysics and descriptions of Kami on this Wikipedia page.

You will see many similarities to what I teach about Kami. For example:

“God is named ‘Tenchi Kane no Kami-Sama’ which can mean ‘Golden spirit of the universe.’ Kami is seen as infinitely loving and powerful.

Kami is omnipresent and is essentially the energy of the workings of nature and the universe that gives all things a conscious mind. This is also the reason the physical universe is referred to as ‘Kami’s body’. Kami is often seen as a divine ideal parent — offering love, affection, support, protection, and nurturing us through his blessings. It is taught that Kami loves all people of the world no matter their race, religion, gender, and so on. Although mentioned as ‘He’ in materials for linguistic convenience, Kami is neither male or female.”

— Wikipedia

Why is it that some dude on YouTube in the 21st century teaches the same basic stuff that was taught by some obscure sect hundreds of years ago in Japan?

Is this just an accident?

Find out for yourself.

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