Joseph Campbell On Eternity

By Leo Gura - July 2, 2024

Joseph Campbell had a big influence on me before I started, but back then I did not know what he was really pointing to. Now I understand it better than he did.

If your consciousness becomes high enough, the present moment will be metaphysically recontextualized as outside of time, as you will realize that time is imaginary. When you become conscious that time is imaginary your present experience will become Eternal and Absolute. Motion will still happen, but motion will not be situated in the conceptual matrix of “time”, it will be Eternal. You will realize that your Consciousness has always been Eternal. In other words, you have been Conscious forever.

Believe it or not, Consciousness is so powerful that right now you are dreaming that you have not been conscious forever. Consciousness is powerful enough to dream its own finitude, its own beginning and end. When you realize that you have been dreaming the beginning and end of your consciousness, you will realize that actually you have been conscious forever, and that will be the moment you will know yourself as God.

Human consciousness is just a tiny island within an infinite ocean of CONSCIOUSNESS. Beyond the human island there is an alien island, and more islands beyond that. Islands floating in INFINITY. Death is the transcendence of the human island to explore the larger ocean.

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