Jordan Peterson's Biblical Series

By Leo Gura - May 18, 2022

Even though I disagree with many of Peterson’s political views, his Biblical Series is really quite good and worth listening to. Yes, it has a conservative spin laced all through it, but it’s also useful to consider high quality conservative perspectives. It’s rare to find intelligent conservatives, and I consider JP to be one. The best thing about JP is that he’s an intellectually honest conservative, which is rare these days.

You can find the entire 15 part playlist on his YT channel. It includes fifteen 2.5-hr lectures. Search for “The Psychological Significance Of Bible Stories” playlist.

This series of lectures covers the psychological and spiritual principles present in Bible stories, and how to apply them in modern times.

Of course this is not a direct teaching of God, spirituality, Truth, or consciousness. It’s all obscured in mythology, symbolism, and human survival crap. But it’s going to be more relatable and practical for normies than the advanced, direct stuff that I teach about God.

What’s cool about listening to the whole series is that you really get a good sense of the appeal of the conservative worldview, which basically boils down to: “Life is hard. Don’t get too clever for your own good. Follow the rules and brace yourself against misery.” If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, “How can people be conservatives? It makes no sense!”, then listening to this lecture series will help you understand the appeal. It’s one of the best steelmans of the conservative worldview. One of the tragedies of today’s political climate is that the conservative worldview has gotten so strawmanned and ridiculed — and rightly so because conservatives have not been doing themselves any favors lately — that it’s easy to overlook the healthy and intelligent versions of it.

And if you think that the conservative worldview is stupid and has no merit at all, I got some news for you: you’re fooling yourself and you’re missing something important about life. The reality is that life is very challenging and it requires discipline and sacrifice to live well. There are right and wrong ways to live in the sense that if you don’t live according to wisdom and timeless principles then you will suffer needlessly. JP is correct about that.

Just understand that the conservative worldview — while it does have merit — is a very partial understanding of the world and spirituality. Spirituality goes so much deeper than Jordan Peterson understands.

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