Jack Black

By Leo Gura - March 21, 2024

Jack Black is a good example to study if you want to get good with girls. Jack Black is not tall or good-looking, but his authenticity and self-expressiveness is off-the-charts. The man just does not give a fuck how anyone thinks he looks. He’s able to fully be himself even if he looks fat and stupid.

This is what elite level game looks like. It has nothing to do with sex or even talking to girls:

Jack Black looks like a fat hairy sloppy fool. Frankly, if I looked like him I would be afraid to go outside — which would be my weakness. But because he doesn’t care, no one cares. His energy infects you, even if you’re a grown-ass man. He’s a master at driving state. Jack Black could walk up to you on the street, finger your ass hole, and you would stand there and let him do it. Because his frame is so strong.

This is why pickup lines are stupid. Your goal with game is not to recite lines, it’s to turn yourself into Jack Black. There is no pickup line that does that. In fact, pickup lines are antithetical to this. You can’t fully self-express if you’re worried about properly reciting some line. Remove all premeditation from your interactions with girls. You can’t achieve what Jack Black does through premeditation. Instead, muster the balls to be completely spontaneous.

This is why guys who constantly complain or worry about looks are hopelessly lost. Because if you still worry about your looks, no matter how you look, then you’re stuck in your head and you’re not being comfortably self-expressive. To truly self-express you have to be completely comfortable in your body and out of your mind. You have to not be thinking anything logical. You can’t be worrying about how you look, or what some girl thinks of you. Your mind has to be blank and you need to be having fun just for the sake of having fun. Not calculating. Not worrying. Not caring. You need to be operating on instinct. If you’re a logical guy, this is where you’re failing. Logic is killing you.

Imagine if Jack Black kept telling himself every day: “I don’t look very good. I’m fat. No one is going to like me. Am I cool yet? How’s my hair? What does that girl think of me? How can I impress her? My dick’s not so big. It’s not fair that girls like 6 foot chads. It’s not fair that girls have it easy. Feminists have ruined dating. Online dating is unfair. No hot girl will want me. If only my jawline was a little sharper. Why was I born this way?”


I fucking dare you to reach a point where you never think about your looks again.

“But Leo…. you said genetics and looks matter.”


Stop fucking thinking! Discover the Jack Black in you!

The reason people drink alcohol at bars and clubs is because it helps them be as free as Jack Black. The key to game is to train yourself to be this way without any intoxicants. Obviously this is a much harder challenge for introverts than extroverts. But even so, it can be done and that is your task.

Note: Discovering the Jack Black in you does not mean that you have to adopt his goofy mannerisms. I’m not telling you to mirror him like a monkey. Rather, you need to discover your authentic style of self-expression, which will be unique to you. You’re not copying anyone else’s mannerisms. You’re being 110% you. The you you’d be if you didn’t care what anyone thought of you and didn’t need anything from anyone. A fearless and energized you. Finding this you will take a lot of exploration and experience. That’s what pickup is really about. When you can do what Jack Black does, you’ve mastered game.

Jack Black is what they call a natural. It’s effortless for him. Unfair? Of course. But don’t think about that, just get to work being you.

It took me a decade to understand this.

Additional Note: You don’t have to be as high-energy as Jack Black singing in order to attract girls. Jack’s frame can also be expressed in a quieter, calmer manner. The volume of expression needs to fit the environment and social context you’re in, so you don’t come off as a raving lunatic. You can be wilder in a loud nightclub and softer in a chill bar.

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