Is ESP Scientifically Real?

By Leo Gura - July 15, 2023

It’s amusing to see the look on this materialist’s face when a serious scientist keeps telling him over and over again that the scientific evidence for ESP is undeniable.

Do you see? The problem is that a materialist cannot admit that any of these phenomena are real no matter how much scientific evidence is gathered for them. Because to admit even one valid case of the paranormal means that all of materialism is wrong. Materialism is the dogmatic worldview which says that paranormal things cannot exist. This worldview was never built on any facts or proofs, it was always just a dogma. And therefore no amount of studies can ever disprove it. You can’t disprove something which was never adopted based on proof in the first place.

So how do we overcome this dogma? Well, you see, all the materialists have to die. And then we will get scientific progress. Science only advances one scientist’s corpse at a time. Ta-daaaa! So less talking and more dying! Shut up and die already you scientist!

Please don’t kill any scientists. Allow them to die naturally in their own ignorance.

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