Is AI Theft?

By Leo Gura - March 29, 2024

When AI came out a year ago, I was somewhat blinded by the initial enthusiasm and the creative potential it can unlock. Now as I learn more about AI and gain more experience using it, I’m thinking more deeply about its impact on artists and creators. My biggest problem with AI is not that it’s going to kill mankind, but that massive corporations are going to use AI to create extreme wealth inequality at the cost of small creators.

So I share the following perspective with you:

I’m still very pro-AI. It’s not going away and it will lead to some truly amazing creative tools over the next decade and beyond. But it’s important not to ignore the potential theft, abuse, and exploitation that comes along with that. There’s going to many positives but also negatives and it’s important to see AI with clear eyes, free of bias. The problem is not AI but the selfish and unscrupulous people who exploit it.

What we have learned from the last 25 years of the internet era is that many tech companies got fabulously rich stealing data from the whole world, because data theft wasn’t even a concept. Well, the next 25 years could be an even bigger data theft if we aren’t vigilant. One of the important functions of government should be to prevent data theft by massive corporations.

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