Interpretive Nonsense

By Leo Gura - July 12, 2021

Here’s a prime example of the twisted ways one’s mind can interpret reality:

The meta-problem with all such “intellectuals” is that they are not construct-aware. In other words, their own mind is not conscious of how it is constructing, imagining, and projecting symbolism and meaning onto reality.

The Universe is a field of consciousness that dreams up symbols, meanings, and ideas, and spins them into coherent, life-like narratives.

Consider this: your life is not a biological or physical process or phenomenon. Rather, your life is a narrative spun by Universal Mind, of which biology and physicality are sub-narratives. The Universe is a not a physical system, the Universe is a Mind which spins the narrative that physical systems exist outside of a narrative. “The brain”, “the body”, and “the world” are not things that Mind occurs in, they are elements of a narrative that Mind is spinning. Mind itself is unlimited and not bound by any physical constraints or needs. In other words, a brain cannot exist without Mind, but Mind has no problem existing without a brain. The key insight is to realize that Mind is more fundamental than brain or atoms. Until you realize this, you do not grasp the significance of what reality is.

But anyhow, the key for not deluding oneself is to be conscious that whatever interpretations you’re making, to recognized them as part of your reality-construction-project. Until you accomplish this you will keep getting lost in your own interpretations, confusing them for an objective material world.

As much as Jordan Peterson rails against the dangerous excesses of the neo-Marxist/progressive worldview, how about the dangerous excesses of the Jordan Petersonian worldview? — as exhibited by the guy in the video above? When some conservative mind gets ahold of JP’s philosophy — that’s way more dangerous, even if JP himself is innocent.

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