Infinite Water Wiggly

By Leo Gura - August 9, 2017

The ultimate nature of reality is just like a Water Wiggly toy.

When you question what the “substance” of reality is, it slips through your fingers, because every part of it is defined recursively via some other part of itself. No matter how hard you try to grasp it, it will always flip itself inside out. Because you’re trying to use IT to grasp IT! But it can’t grasp it because it is it! The key is to become conscious of this to such a degree that the master frame — existence vs nonexistence — is seen to be undefined. Everything is undefined. That’s the ultimate nature of being. And being is all there ever can be. Being and nonbeing turn into one.

Enlightenment is like picking a combination lock with 5 or 10 disks inside. As you line them all up, some will fall back out of place. Patiently you line them all back up. The final disk is what you consider “existence vs non-existence” or “objective reality”. It’s the master frame which frames and anchors your ENTIRE experience of life. You believe there is such a thing as objective reality, and you believe, that this belief is not a belief, but objectively true. But in fact, it’s nothing more than a groundless belief! As soon as you truly cognize the significance of that, epistemology fuses with metaphysics, and everything becomes up for grabs. Everything becomes relative, including your existence and the existence of the universe. You go into an infinite free fall. The whole house of cards implodes. Everything becomes unknown. As this happens, you will come to the barrier of sanity/insanity. You must surrender to it with grace. You will also come to the barrier of life/death. You must surrender to it with grace. And then you and the entire world will fall all the way down, down, down. Into the Godhead. An actual infinite singularity without dimension or substance.

The most important question is not Who am I? or What am I? The most important question is: What is the substance of reality?

Keep constantly wondering, What is the substance of reality? What is it?!!!

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