Infinite Consciousness GIF

By Leo Gura - February 19, 2021

I’ve accessed Infinite Consciousness many times in many different ways. The lower states of it look similar to your normal field of vision. But when your consciousness becomes way more infinite than that (yes, there are many degrees of more infinite), then it starts to look something like this:



If you think it’s beautiful, you don’t know how right you are. It is Infinite Beauty.

It feels as though the entire universe or “dream” converges into a pure abstract singularity of consciousness. And if you become even more conscious (yes, that’s also possible), then even the colors unify together and the dancing motion freezes into a perfectly still, absolutely clear and formless infinite singularity. PURE INFINITY. It is so perfectly self-aware that it does not even have a form. At this point you become the 100% Godhead. There is no more life, no more death, no more world, no more people or other beings. You rest as absolute ONENESS & LOVE, FOREVER. It is a degree of enlightenment so total that it deletes the entire universe. Only near this point do you finally understand what reality/God really is. LOVE.

The problem is that the final state cannot be depicted because it is so totally formless. But the above image comes close to giving you a vibe of it. Imagine the above, but static and formless. This singularity contains within it every possible thing that would be dreamed or imagined. But in pure abstract potential, unactualized because it does not need to actualized because the actualization of it would diminish its Unity. This is a nonduality so total and perfect that it ends physical existence. And for the first time you feel COMPLETE. You’ve found what you’ve been search for your entire life but didn’t know it: INFINITE LOVE.

This is the highest holon.

Good luck meditating or self-inquirying your way there. Maybe you can reach it with a serious dose of DMT or 5-MeO-DMT. But even that is doubtful.

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