Ignorance Of Infinity

By Leo Gura - July 3, 2021

OMG, sometimes I just can’t bear the stupidity of scientific and rationalist thinking.

To say, “Infinity is fake”, is the single most fallacious statement one could utter.

This clip epitomizes how clueless mathematicians and scientists are about the nature of reality, and even their own conceptual constructions:

Infinity is the only real thing there is. Infinity is reality itself.


The reason scientists and mathematician and logicians and atheists and rationalists fear and try to avoid infinity is because the realization of infinity collapses all their finite, dualistic mental constructions. Modern science is built on a foundation of the denial of infinity. Because to realize infinity is to realize that science and rationality can have no foundation. It is also the collapse of all models, systems of knowledge, materialism, realism, and formalism.

These people have PhD’s, but the epistemic intelligence of door-knobs.

Be ware of public intellectuals who sound like they are speaking intelligently or rigorously when they are really just parroting materialism.

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