I Love Morning Joe!

By Leo Gura - June 23, 2023

This show is brilliant!

Joe Scarborough is one of the few decent conservatives in America, calling out right-wing bullshit.

Now, to you Progressive, Leftist cunts who will bitch and moan about this — about me endorsing MSNBC — understand this: This is mainstream news media! Mainstream news is not supposed to cater to your radical Leftist ideals. Mainstream news is designed to appeal to a very wide swath of Americans. And mainstream new’s job is not to promote your Leftist ideals but to provide basic up-to-date news from a normie POV. So in this context, I say to you that Morning Joe is a very good show and source of news information. No, it’s not TYT, Majority Report, or Secular Talk. But it’s not supposed to be. Obviously Morning Joe should not be your sole source of news information. But as far as normie news goes, it’s one of the best. Stop being blinded by your Leftism. You’re so Left you’ve turned into an imbecile, and you blame everyone for it but yourself.

Do not cast me as some sort of “centrist” mainstream fool. I am extremely Progressive and anything but mainstream. But unlike most Progressives I am wise and mature enough to understand that the majority of the population is not developed enough to be truly Progressive. I consume an enormous amount of political news from every possible source: Leftist, centrist, and even right-wing. Because that’s what Conscious, Mature Politics does.

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