How To Research Psychedelics

By Leo Gura - November 8, 2017

How does one get into psychedelics, practically-speaking? Well, you have to start by doing lots of research to familiarize yourself with the field because mainstream culture certainly never taught this to you. And your buddies in high school or college were very poor sources of information.

So you may think of turning to books, but books about psychedelics aren’t very helpful when it comes to practical wisdom, learning tripping protocol, dosages, ROAs, potential complications, etc.

I’ve found that the field of psychedelics is similar to the field of online marketing or pickup: there are no good books about it because the field is so new and constantly evolving. What’s required is getting information directly from the community, directly from people in the field, directly from seasoned psychonauts. Luckily, this is very easy and free!

Here’s a handy tip for how to research about any psychedelic in a very pin-pointed and efficient way.

Go to Google and type in:

  • site XXXXXX

Replace XXXXXX with whatever specific thing you’re searching for. Here are some examples:

You get the idea. Through this process you can basically educate yourself about EVERYTHING you need to know about psychedelics. But it will take you some weeks of reading and sifting. As with any online forum, much of the things you read will be garbage, as many people there are using psychedelics extremely irresponsibly, so you have get good at cross-referencing sources, sorting the wheat from the chaff, and assembling a sort of meta-picture of the field. But in the end, it’s fun and interesting to learn about, and it’s very worth it over the long-haul as you will become an expert psychonaut within a year or two of tinkering around with this stuff.

This is a great field to study for autodidacts and nerds.

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