How Dogma Gets Made

By Leo Gura - September 30, 2018

This is a very important video. Watch it all the way through while doing the following:

  1. Be very mindful of your judgments.
  2. Be very mindful of how you separate yourself from these Mormons in your mind, taking a “me rational”, “them irrational” attitude.
  3. Contemplate how your current place in life, and all of your beliefs, are the result of cultural indoctrination

Do not think you are any different than these Mormons. Fundamentally, every human in the world is just like them. All of your cultural, political, spiritual, rational, and scientific preferences were programmed into you in a very similar manner, just less obviously so. Think about all the ways you were indoctrinated: kindergarten, family, school, church, high school, university, friends, social circles, parties, sports, books, magazines, radio, TV, internet, video games, commercials, grocery stores, shopping malls, etc.

Contemplate the notion that ALL of your beliefs about reality are cultural programming. You didn’t believe them because they were true, you believed them because you knew of no other possibility. Of course this includes all of your so-called “scientific” and “rational” ideas. Hardly a single idea you have came from independent contemplation of reality. And to top it all off, you basically run around infecting other people with your ideas just like the Mormon zombies above. And if anyone tries to point all this out to you, you will of course vehemently deny it.

Who would you be, what would your life be like today, if you had not been indoctrinated with all the ideas present in your head? Imagine if you were born into a Mormon family, a Muslim family, an orthodox Jewish family, a polygamous family, etc.

Watch out! You may think to yourself, “Phewwww! I’m so lucky I wasn’t born into one of those fundamentalist families. I really dodged a bullet!” Except you haven’t! All of your secular liberal ideals are also just cultural indoctrination. If you believe in the value of democracy, freedom, goodness, equality, justice, truth, etc. — all of that is cultural indoctrination! You did not invent a single one of those values/ideals. Notice this! Stop bullshitting yourself. Carefully trace where each of your ideals came from. Not the myth of where they come from, but where they ACTUALLY came from: someone indoctrinated you and you swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

Only if you understand this will you have a chance of breaking free.

Try to imagine what it would take for those Mormons to break free.

Now you have a sense of what it will take you to escape The Matrix.

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