Holy Shit

By Leo Gura - June 10, 2018

Imagine someone sprinkled a bag of flawless diamonds into a giant steaming pile of horse manure.

That’s religion in a nutshell.

What makes religion so persistent is that people refuse to give up the shit because there really are diamonds inside there. It’s precisely this mixture of blinding brilliance and utter nonsense that makes religion so sticky. Atheists and rationalists fail to comprehend this dynamic, which is why religion baffles them. The rationalist, try as he might, just cannot satisfactorily explain why religion refuses to go away. It never occurs to him that there could be precious diamonds in the mix.

The Devil, knowing that most humans have a very weak capacity for discernment, simply hides the Truth in a deep pile of shit, which pretty much ensures it will never be found.

Think about this: if you had a precious diamond that you didn’t want anyone to ever find, where would be the best place to hide it?

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