Got My Covid Vaccine

By Leo Gura - May 26, 2021

After some delay due to my gut health problems, I got my first dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine yesterday at my local Walgreens.

The whole process took 15 minutes. The shot itself took 1 minute. The other 14 minutes was just waiting for the staff. There was no line. The shot was completely painless.

24 hours later I feel no different than normal. I have a little soreness in my arm where I got the shot. No mark or scar. The needle they use is so tiny you don’t even feel it go in.

Overall, it’s so easy. Go get your vaccine today. Don’t let people fearmonger to you with conspiracy theories and fake news. Your odds of dying from Covid are hundreds of times higher than having a complication from the vaccine. So you’d be a fool not get vaccinated. Not to even mention the collective social costs of not getting vaccinated for the global economy and the people you could kill by being an unwitting carrier for the virus.

Neither the Pfizer nor the Moderna vaccines contain heavy metals like old fashioned vaccines do, eliminating even that minor risk factor.

My Mom and brother both got both doses of the Moderna vaccine and they had no significant side-effects.

The vaccine is also FREE! If you’re in the USA, you can schedule a free appointment via the Walgreens website. Or your favorite pharmacy center.

Don’t doubt, don’t delay, go get vaccinated today! And be thankful that such a painless, healthy, and effective vaccine exists at all. The fearmongering and lack of gratitude has gotten way out of hand. Yet another example of the madness of crowds.

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