God Goes Full-Circle

By Leo Gura - January 28, 2017

I love thinking about the science vs religion debate, because it’s so absurd. As it turns out, No-God is the exact same thing as God! But good luck convincing a dogmatic atheist or theist of that.

Atheists like to think they are epistemicly superior to theists, but this is just ignorance. Atheism is just another flavor of theism.

I drew a little diagram of how atheism and theism go full-circle. Here’s how the whole game works:


Imagine you as a point located somewhere on the perimeter of this circle, free to move around clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Think of the atheist position (No God) as one pole of a circle whose other pole is the theist position (God).

Of course, both poles think they’re right, both poles think they’re fundamentally distinct, and both poles think they know what they’re talking about. But in reality neither one does. Atheists don’t understand nothingness or God, and neither do theists. So what they do is move upward into ego, which leads to firm position-taking and ultimately a clash. This is the lazy default position of the mind. This is what happens when one doesn’t understand epistemology or psychology. Both sides are equally wrong because both sides aren’t aware of the game they’re playing. They actually believe they’ve got it right!!! But as they engage in this behavior, they move ever further away from the truth that God is Nothingness.

Now, if the mind happens to turn inward, that’s where we get real progress. As ego is shed, the gap between No God and God becomes ever smaller, until finally God becomes Nothingness. Nothingness IS God! Quite literally. And once you grasp that, the entire dynamic is suddenly revealed for the illusory ego-game that it was.

This is what every great mystic and enlightenment being has discovered.

Do you have the wisdom to turn inward? Or will you continue being a child, insisting that peanut butter is better than jelly?

Note: it’s would be a big mistake to interpret what I’m saying as mere relativism, or splitting-the-difference, or averaging the two perspectives out of political correctness or desire for common ground. NO! I’m talking about ACTUALLY discovering that God is Nothingness!




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