George Lucas Explains Star Wars

By Leo Gura - December 14, 2023

This is why George Lucas is a genius and Kathleen Kennedy is a hack:

You can’t “hold on to the spirit that started all this” because spirit is dynamic and original, not a cookie-cutter corporate agenda for maximizing profits.

It’s like Kathleen Kennedy took a majestic wild elephant, locked it in a cage in a zoo, started milking it and selling that milk for $50/bottle until the elephant dropped dead. Then she and Disney started selling tickets to see a taxidermy of the elephant’s corpse for $100/ticket.

Corporate types don’t understand how to make art.

Ironically, Lucas sold Star Wars to these soulless corporate ghouls.

Here’s an interesting moral question for you: Imagine you were the creator of Star Wars. Eventually you turned 70 and had to retire. What would you do with the franchise? Sell to a giant corporation or just let it die, which entails laying off 1000s of your friends and employees and never giving your fans any more Star Wars content?

Now that’s a moral dilemma! Now you see the Dark Side.

May the Force be with you.

P.S. George Lucas is a man of heart. He stopped making films for 10 years after Star Wars just so he could raise his children. Imagine one of those Disney corporate ghouls doing that.

P.P.S. When I was in my early 20’s I studied and modeled George Lucas’ creative independence, designing my life so that no corporation had any control over my creative and artistic output. Because I could not allow such soulless ghouls to corrupt my art with their devilry.

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