Former Users Describe Heroin High

By Leo Gura - November 27, 2019

To be clear, I don’t recommend you ever experiment with heroin or opioids because they are super addictive and run counter to our work.

But it’s psychologically and metaphysically illuminating to read about why people do heroin: – Former Users Describe the First Time They Tried Heroin

The bottom line is: people do heroin because it brings them closer to God, and they don’t know of any other healthy way of getting there. Most of them don’t even know that what they’re connecting with is God. That’s how ignorant the situation is.

God is the greatest high in the world. What do you think monks, mystics, and yogis are chasing? They are heroin addicts minus the heroin.

Once you experience God, no other feeling will satisfy you. And in true going-full-circle fashion, that’s how the best thing in the world becomes the worst thing in the world. Heaven becomes hell. So the wise find ways of reaching heaven without the life-shattering side-effects. It takes more work, but it’s worth it.

P.S. Psychedelics can take you even closer to God than heroin and are anti-addictive. But they will still leave you with the suffering and heartbreak of losing your connection to God after the trip ends. Of course your connection to God cannot ever truly be lost because you are God. But you will lose awareness of this basic fact, sucked back into the Matrix of ego and social obligation.

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