Exposing Neo-Liberal Devilry

By Leo Gura - November 28, 2019

Tis a thing of beauty to watch Anand Giridharadas demolish the neo-liberal fantasy.

This is what exposing devilry looks like:

This is a top-notch example of Stage Green at its healthiest and most cogent. This is what Jordan Peterson and his fanboys are missing. This is what JP smears as “Cultural Marxism”. This is what the right-wing is in denial about. This is what the culture wars are distracting from. This is the real political discussion that is never shown on TV.

Neither nationalism, nor libertarianism, nor technology, nor higher economic growth can solve this problem. We face a new set of collective challenges which require a Stage Green worldview to start to address.

BTW, if you’re not in America, you might wonder, “But Leo, how do your American examples help me?” Not so fast! The principles we’re studying here in these mostly American examples apply to all countries. If you’re in a less developed country then these are the problems you’ll face once your country reaches peak Stage Orange like America. And it will happen sooner than you think. Maybe it will take 50 years, but your country will face these same problems, and probably already is. That’s what Spiral Dynamics shows us. That’s the value of studying structure. Don’t get hung up on local details. China, India, Russia, Brazil… they’re all gonna have to find solutions to corporatism run amok, gross income inequality, and what is fundamentally plutocracy.

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