Esalen Institute Workshops

By Leo Gura - June 18, 2018

If you’ve never heard of the Esalen Institute — you’re in for a treat.

Esalen was an epicenter for the human potential movement back in the 1960’s. Abraham Maslow used to lecture there. It’s a bastion for stage Green/Yellow/Turquoise holistic teachings. Very, very New-Agey. Stage Orange people will feel unconformable here. It’s located in scenic Big Sur, California, right on the coast, and it’s still going strong after some 50 years.


You’ll find some amazing workshops and retreats offered here, including yoga, meditation, neo-shamanism, love, relationships, consciousness, psychedelics, and much more. It’s very similar to the kind of stuff I teach. You could also meet some exceptional people here who are into self-actualization.

Worth checking out if you’ve got some money saved up.

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