Elite Universities Are A Scam

By Leo Gura - May 8, 2019

Most people in society are in denial about the scam that is elite university education (and to some extent, university education in general).

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And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the kind of devilry that goes on behind the scenes of these elite universities. Do not trust them for a second!

Universities are not your friend. They are businesses, collective egos, bureaucracies, and cultural constructions, first and foremost. It is a big mistake to equate university education, rank, or credentials with any sign of truth, goodness, wisdom, intelligence, consciousness, self-awareness, or level of development.

The wisest humans are not to be found in universities because universities do not prioritize truth, wisdom, love, or consciousness. Elite universities are playing games of status, money, and politics, and the worst thing about it is, the biggest con they pull is convincing high school students that they are somehow important and to be valued. It’s never even told to high school students that they can provide themselves with a much better education than any university ever could, and at a tiny fraction of the cost. High school students just automatically buy into the lie that elite universities are somehow important and desirable.

Universities indoctrinate. They do not teach truly original thinking or human growth. And as the devil tends to do, they call themselves the bastions of truth. Then they act outraged if you question their authority or their well-credentialed professors. Ha! What a load of horse shit! A credential is just a piece of paper that a group of devils wrote to themselves to convince themselves that they are not devils but angels.

The whole point of getting an elite university degree is so that your survival in life becomes much easier thanks to the status it confers — you get access to the best job opportunities and positions of power — so you don’t then actually have to work hard on becoming a conscious human being or doing original creative high-value work that stands on its own merit. An elite university allows you to use the power of social status to increase your survival odds. That’s what it’s really about, and any honest university would admit it. But of course the devil has to hide and deny his devilry in order for it to keep working. Teens who apply to these universities do not understand any of this. They are just cogs in the unconscious machine. Just like their parents were. They are under the illusion that these universities are somehow the ticket to heaven when really they’re a ticket to hell! You know what they say, an abused child becomes an abusive parent. And so the cycle continues, the cogs keep spinning around in circles.

And all this is not to even mention the scam which is the college loan system. From a certain perspective a modern university is just a clever invention for saddling a new human being with $100,000 in debt without that human realizing what just happened. That is the lifeblood of the whole system! Universities are like a vampire that feeds off wage slaves. The real devilry comes in convincing children to join this system eagerly. You could call our entire education system long-time-horizon child abuse: grades, homework, standardized testing, SAT prep, AP testing, college admissions, student loans, credentials, diplomas, fraternities, sororities, college athletics — all that. It’s all a socially constructed scam; a house of cards held together with bullshit. By the time a human being goes through 12 + 4 years of that, she is a domesticated animal. It’s just a more sophisticated version of religion. A religion masquerading as science and rationality. No wonder there is no God or Truth found there. You cannot institutionalize Truth.

The bottom line is, an elite university education will actually hinder your ability to become the best human being you could be. Take responsibility for your own education. The only one who can properly educate you is yourself.

And yet, despite having said all the above, a university education is still far better than no education at all, or some kind of parochial education. So in a twisted sense we need this devil to save us from the yet greater devil of uneducatedness and right-wing ideology.

P.S. Do not confuse my critique of universities for right-wing critiques of universities. Universities can be critiqued from above or from below. My critique is from above. Right-wing critiques — based on a knee-jerk reaction against liberal values, multi-culturalism, relativism, and post-modernism — are from below. The paradox is that American society would be far better off if we made all public universities totally free to everyone, doubled their annual budgets, and cancelled all student debt. This would also have the benefit of devaluing elite private universities and reduce the need to jump through hoops for scholarships.

Our education system is thoroughly corrupt and badly in need of reform and massive funding. Of course it’s just as you should expect. The first thing on the devil’s agenda is to seize and corrupt all wellsprings of truth, turning them into founts of devilry. Topmost on the devil’s agenda is to break all the lights, break all the mirrors, and multiply himself in the shade.

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