Derrida & Nonduality

By Leo Gura - November 2, 2017

The problem with Jacques Derrida’s deconstruction (and post-modernism as a whole) isn’t that it goes too far — as many people think — but that it doesn’t go far enough!

This here is a nerdy topic for people who are really into philosophy and nonduality. In the future I will talk at length about the parallels between Derrida’s deconstruction and nonduality — I don’t have time to explain it all right now — but I wanted to share the following paper with you anyway, because it’s so damn profound. Hopefully you can comprehend some of what it says, and if not, don’t worry, Derrida is notoriously difficult to read (don’t bother reading him), and I will shoot a video about in it the future. It’s a bit technical but oh so delicious! This is the kind of stuff that 1 in a billion people understands.

The Deconstruction Of Buddhism, by David Loy

This paper is written by an enlightened Zen practitioner who also happens to have a deep grasp of Derrida’s deconstruction! Quite the intellectual feat.

Read the entire thing very carefully.

This paper explains why reality cannot be grasped using philosophy, language, or logic, including Derrida’s deconstruction. This 25-page paper puts the nail in the coffin of 2,000 years of Western philosophy.

It is a work of intellectual genius, hitting the nail square on the head.


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