Denver Decriminalizes Mushrooms

By Leo Gura - May 9, 2019

Denver Successfully Decriminalizes Mushrooms

Horray! A small step for mankind.

This is exciting and groundbreaking news, as in the history books it will go down as the first domino to fall in our effort towards full nationwide decriminalization of psychedelics.

In truth, decriminalization of psychedelics is still not good enough. The US Constitution must have an Amendment which explicitly guarantees the right to explores one’s own consciousness via any means that does not harm others.

This is of course on top of the already existing Constitutional clauses which guarantee free exercise of religion, which of course includes psychedelics (but is not yet acknowledged).

But we’ll take this for now.

Oregon and California are working to pass legalization of mushrooms in 2020. A victory in Oregon would be a huge breakthrough, and it now seems doable.

Please donate to the Oregon 2020 Psilocybin Ballot Initiative to ensure it passes. If it does, that will be huge leap forward. It will also help many people suffering from depression, addiction, PTSD, anxiety, terminal illnesses, etc. Check out their video page for more details.

And here’s another good initiative you can donate to if you’re passionate about this cause: The Heffter Research Institute

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