Deep Life Lessons From Bitcoin

By Leo Gura - December 29, 2017

Over the Xmas break while I was visiting my brother, he showed me some videos about the potential of Bitcoin. My brother is nerdy and really into investing and cutting-edge technology, so this was his cup of tea. And while I found the technology and investing aspects very interesting and exciting, what I loved most about these videos was the deep truths this speaker here reveals about the nature of power, corruption, hierarchies, government, democracy, society, psychology, closemindedness, and humanity. These are some of my favorite topics to think about in a big picture way, and this speaker blew me away with the clarity of his thinking.

So enjoy these two videos about Bitcoin, but don’t take your eye off the ball! I’m not showing these to you because I want you to invest in Bitcoin. This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. I’m showing these to you for the much deeper wisdom and lessons about human nature which they reveal. This will be important for the future, when I release episodes about the nature of power, corruption, evil, and society. Those are still topics which we’ve barely touched upon as we move forward towards assembling the big picture.

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