Covid Love

By Leo Gura - April 14, 2020

Covid-19 has devastated the Vegas economy. The entire Strip will be shut down for a month, if not more, which is like shutting down the heart of this city. Tons of people losing their jobs. Everything in this town functions off socialization and large crowds, from the casinos to the restaurants to the strip clubs.

But yesterday I was doing my usual night drive around the city — when I drive for an hour and contemplate life — and as I drove thinking about what role Covid-19 plays in the larger scheme of the universe, I saw this out my window:


That’s it! It’s that simple!

Most of the hotels on the Strip have gone dark, but they left a few rooms lit up in the shape of hearts.

Could the sign be any more obvious that this virus is not some mindless evil or pesky inconvenience, but a nudge towards our evolution to higher consciousness?

Make no mistake, the suffering, danger, and death is real. But that’s the nature of Love. Love is not soft. Love is relentless. It will not yield to your smallness. Love is hard like a diamond.

Just because life becomes hard doesn’t mean it isn’t Love. Life gets hard precisely to show you how strong Love is.

Do not wish for life to get easier. Wish for your love to get stronger. Be BIGGER! Love wider!

Don’t wait for God to light up hotel rooms in the shape of hearts for you to recognize Love.

People are sometimes baffled why I would choose to live in the city of sin. But if you can’t find God in a strip club, you don’t understand God.

“When we are divided, the virus exploits the cracks between us.” — WHO director-general Dr. Tedros

As Covid-19 divides us, it brings us closer together into an ever deeper unity.

See my video: Division vs Unity

Pssst…. You’ll never go wrong assuming it’s ALL love

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