Corrupting The Youth

By Leo Gura - November 26, 2017

Socrates was executed for corrupting the youth of Athens.

Of course! Because all the aging minds of Athens were already closed. Aging minds are very careful to control the access of information that young minds have. Not to protect the youth, but to protect themselves from having their aging consensus overturned.

The whole game of society is: “Don’t you dare undermine my reality… or I will kill you!”

What “corrupting the youth” really means is: “Stop shaking the boat you fool! I just got comfy.”

Controlling the minds of the youth is a critical function of all of societies. That is the quiet, unspoken-of construction site where paradigms are laid like down like stone monuments. A quiet war rages in every society over which faction of aging minds gets to tell the youth what is real.

Here’s the whole secret to this game: the youth will believe the first thing you tell them.

So it’s a race to who’s first to whisper in their ear.

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